I'm missing a particular item, can I add it?

Unfortunately not. All items are fetched from our main item database, so everything that goes in there can be used here. If a piece of equipment not present you'd like to see, please visit our item database and look how you can contribute and help extending it.

Why are the domains for resource links limited?

It's a security feature.

What's the import function?

The import function saves a copy of a character into you account. This can be used to store a build of another user in case it has been made accessible to the public in the options or to use one of you own characters as template for a new one. If you want to try importing the character of another user try this one.

Why are some options in the Ratings Simulator grayed out.

It's probably due to it not working properly ingame at the moment.

Can I do stuff that shouldn't be possible ingame?

Yes. The tool does not verify every user input. You can actually apply class specific feats (Steely Defense, Steadfest etc.) to other classes for example.

What are Balance ROIs?

These numbers are highly influenced by the work of Chemboy, Kaelec and others and measure the effectivity of stacking a certain rating. The higher the number, the more it makes sense to go for the rating.
The ROIs can be used to compare some offensive categories and defensive categories with each other. For example whether it's best to go for HP or defense in your remaining defensive slots or even whether you should be aiming for more offense or defense in general. Although the numbers are accurate, they should only be one factor in building your character.

What are the "Base" inputs?

Those are needed to calculate the Balance ROIs. If you don't plan to use them, you can ignore the base inputs, but otherwise you need to fill out the percentages your character gets from all sources besides ratings. That's mostly feats, but can also be powers for example.
This also includes Critical Severity from Boons and DR% from AC and this might be done automatically at some point in the future.

Nothing happens if I activate Bonding Runestones from the dropdown.

Check whether you actually have the amount of Bonding Runestones slotted in your active companion, because the tool needs the amount of stats transfered by the level of the Runestone. This also doesn't work with Augments, just like ingame.

A checkbox appeared on the icon after adding gear.

Either a stat rating on the item itself or a set bonus attached to it is conditional (Add x Power when in party etc.). Use the checkbox to toggle the stats and preview how your char would look with and without the bonus.

A yellow number appeared on the icon after adding gear.

Either a stat rating on the item itself or a set bonus attached to it can be stacked. You can alter the stacks by left and right-clicking the number and preview how your char would look with different stack counts.

Is it planned to offer a greater variety of levels for Artifacts and Artifact Gear or maybe even a full range slider?

No. Keep in mind this is no tool to create a snapshot of a character and share it, but to create builds you plan to work towards. So the rarity levels we have are sufficient.

I found a bug, how do I report it?

Use the official support topic you find in the first "Latest Notes" tab. In case you're not registered, you can use admin@nwo-uncensored.com.