Tooltip Scripts

Neverwinter Uncensored distributes ingame tooltips to everyone! We offer two javascripts for site owners and users that format direct item links to our database and attach the tooltip to it. Example: Greater Mark of Potency

The scripts adds all required resources (jQuery, Tootipster libraries as well as styles) to the head-attribute of the page and removes all styles attached to the original link as well. If you want to apply custom styles, use '.nwountooltip a'.

Site Owners

  • Simply add the javascript file to the head section of all pages that should features tooltips.


  • Install Greasemonkey (FireFox) or Tampermonkey (Chrome).
  • Clicking on the link above should automatically open up an install dialog box or an tab
  • In case automatic installation fails, copy all the script code and choose Tools -> Greasemonkey -> New User Script -> Use Script From Clipboard in Firefox or click the Tampermonkey icon in Chrome -> Add a new script..., paste and save in Chrome.
  • You can always deactivate or deinstall the script from your Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey options.
  • You can verify your installation on this page. It should show a tooltip.

Per default, the script only works on the official forums and on our test page. To add additional sites you need to complete the following steps:

  • On Chrome, click the Tampermonkey icon in the menubar and navigate to the 'Dashboard'. On the tab 'installed userscripts' pick the 'NWO:UN ItemGrabber' and click to edit.
  • On Firefox, bring up the Add-ons Manager by using the Firefox menu or typing 'about:addons' in the address line. On the 'userscripts' tab pick the 'NWO:UN ItemGrabber', choose 'settings' and then 'edit'.
  • Within the metadata block find the line "// @match*", copy and paste it.
  • Replace the URL with the site you'd like to inlcude (* is a wildcard character). This way you can add as many sites as you want.