False information in item database

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False information in item database

Post by Jappe » Sun Dec 10, 2017 20:21


Just wanted to point out that you have false information in the item database:
https://www.nwo-uncensored.com/phpBB3/a ... ifact_Pack

This pack actually has:

Ultimate Enchanting Stone (legendary)
Superior Enchanting Stone (epic)
2 Greater Enchanting Stone (rare)
Greater Mark of Potency (epic)

Soul Sight Crystal in uncommon, rare and epic

2 Moderate Mark of Potency

2 Lesser Enchanting Stone (uncommon)
Cube of Augmentation (rare)

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Re: False information in item database

Post by j0Shi » Sun Dec 10, 2017 20:42

Thanks, I'll correct this today! Cheers!
"This information is not official and is not supported by PWE. This content was removed from the official neverwinter forums because it provides information that is potentially false and sheds a negative light on unpublished and unknown drop rates within the game." -melodywhr

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