Why Isn't There More Movement on Gear?

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Why Isn't There More Movement on Gear?

Post by j0Shi » Sun Nov 05, 2017 20:09

"This information is not official and is not supported by PWE. This content was removed from the official neverwinter forums because it provides information that is potentially false and sheds a negative light on unpublished and unknown drop rates within the game." -melodywhr

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Re: Why Isn't There More Movement on Gear?

Post by PutzBoy78 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 06:56

not sure how much more you need. Some classes like GWF and TR can already outrun legendary mounts with R10 stable boon. If you build for speed you can make some really fast toons... obviously at the expense of other stats but still. Movement can be a challenge in dungeons btw, where it becomes very easy to run off cliffs.

Movement does have a lot of utility in PVE, just like high end mounts you can leave mobs behind and with movement you aren't reliant on breaking combat first.

In PVP, its a lot more than getting to nodes first, many trs and gwfs use it to run away from combat when the odds turn out to be against them. This allows them to go charge up and fight again or to move quickly to an underrepresented node and take advantage of lone players.

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