2 Million Dragons Killed in 5 years?

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2 Million Dragons Killed in 5 years?

Post by Mr.Linux » Sat Jun 16, 2018 13:44

My wife is bugging the shit out of me about the trivia given by the Harper when you did the 2nd year quest. The Harper states the game has seen over 2 million dragons die.

The math breaks down like this:
2,000,000 / 60 = 33,333.3 per month
2,000,000 / 260 = 7692.3 per week
2,000,000 / 1826 = 1095.2 per day

She says the statistical math is wrong and won't shut up about it. The game brags over 15 million users across 3 systems. I told her this might be for the PC only and the PC version probably has fewer users than the consoles. Also the Harper said "over" 2 million, so we could have 500,000 more?

41,666.6 per month
9,615.3 per week
1369.1 per day

Then she said, "I have personally killed over 400 myself and have 8 titles to prove it." I stated, "Big deal, it means a lot of people in the game never killed a dragon. Now shut up and go take your meds old woman." Anyone here see what she is talking about? I am in the dog house for being disagreeable. lol

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