PS4 chinese server stats

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chinese server stats

Post by mcv9 » Wed May 16, 2018 05:25

xbox: mod11, xbox has neverwinter since dayone of xboxone, but the updates are coming really slow
ps: mod10.5, ps server came out a bit late, and they got a few updates to catch up with the xbox version. its a yonng server, and the highest guild is lvl10, so they cant revive relic weapon

the service is very very crappy, they literally just keep the server up, and gives random 2x and cta on the weekends, and the population dropped a lot on xbox, the estimated active players is 100, i dont play ps, but they dont have many either
old bugs were not fixed, but i failed to do the crit severity trick on mod10.5

most of the players are mid-aged players, pvpers quited since mod10, which is a very pve oriented version. some players went to play the global server using vpn

on xbox, theres a npc selling all kinds of lockbox items, from stones, artifacts to the leg. mounts, at ridiculous price, but the lvl8 runestone are sold at 10,000k AD, it might related to the law on the randomness of lockbox. btw ZAX is 500:1
u can sign on mobile per day to claim rewards, the highest reward is a Coalescent Ward, thats why we run multi accounts
ps players use customized controllor to bot the game, they hangs on at the Drowned Shore for refinements, and use programs to assist fishing, they get over 100 bottles over night. xbox dont have those kind of controller, so its fair
usually theres only 1 instance, and when new versions or big events, we could have 3 instance. 1600 2000s are not avaiable unless u group up and queue, but the temple of spider is very popular

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Re: chinese server stats

Post by Enomic » Sat May 19, 2018 12:05

uhh, that is a sad state of the game. It sounds like you are playing there as well. What happens to content requiring more players such as tiamat? Can you guys even organize such things?

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