Question about DMG / Group Constelation Buff Roations

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Question about DMG / Group Constelation Buff Roations

Post by IamFrankbtw » Sat Jun 09, 2018 17:55

Hey guys first of all sorry for my bad english its not my motherlanguage. And now i am heading to my Problem. How can i reach such a Damage like in this videos with my Group.

-> Vdieo 1
-> Video 2

So just for Info our Group Constelation is in 90% of all 5 Man Dungeons like this. I am the GWF in the Group btw.

2 Clerics (1x DO (close 17k) 1x AC DC (17+k with Round about 53K Strength)
1 Devo Pala (17+k with round about 50k Strength)
1 GWF (17+k 50k Strength 20k Crit and with Bonding Boni over 9k ArPen)
1 HR (17+k)

So like in the Videos below at Orcus we do as follows.

Cast Holy Ground, Spams BoS, PoD, FF and eBTS on Orcus after that he cast Tyrannosaurus and Heart of White Dragon

Cast AA, Blessing of Battle, Divine Glow eFF and eExaltation on DPS (GWF or GF) after that used Tyrannosaurus + Snake Artifact

Devo Pala:
On Boss CountDown 3 starts casting Bane on DPS and Wheel of Elements (Fire for DPS) while Battle against the Boss try to hold the Aggro and use Tyrannosaurus when the others do

Tries to Cast LSS as much as possible and mark enemy with his attacks (didnt no the name right now sorry) used Tyrannosaurus when the others do. Also uses the Aspect of the Pack for Combat Advantage

Uses at Bosses the Iron Vanguard Path (Personal Feeds, Wrathful Determination and Destroyer) with Threatening Rush on Orcus, Hidden Daggers, Sure Strike until Determination is Full BattleFury Slam Crystal Skull Artifact Tyrannosaurus IBS rinse and repeat.

We all use the Companion Velociraptor for 5% more dmg and the Active Companion of the group members is (DO uses Tiger, AC uses Tiger, Pala uses Con Artist and the HR and the GWF uses Tigers too)

Everyone in our Group use an different Weapon Enchantment so we running with 5 Entchantments like (GWF uses Feytouch, Pala Bronzewood, DO Frost, AC Terror and the HR uses the Dread)

so this is our Constelation and how we act in Boss Battles like Orcus or Ras Nsi but we never reach such a Ultra High Damage like in the Videos (link is over our Group Constelation) :( So Could someone here help me and my group mates out or give us some tips on Rotations from the AC and the DO. Maybe we miss some Key Feats or something that pushes our Damage down :(

so like i said befor sorry for my Bad English hope everyone know what i mean and someone help us or give us usefull tips what we can do to increase our Damage like in the Videos.

thanks for all greetings

Frank ;)

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